Sustainable Choices, Global Impact

By offering a hydroponic vertical tower and microgreen kits, MyGrow encourages sustainable choices that collectively make a global impact by fostering transparency and responsible consumption practices.

MyGrow Hydroponics

We are at the forefront of sustainable and transparent food production with a primary focus on our innovative Hydroponic Vertical Tower, complemented by microgreens kits and the MyMarket app. This dynamic trio of solutions is set to transform the landscape of growing, accessing, and relishing fresh produce. The Hydroponic Vertical Tower, in particular, takes center stage in their mission, presenting an efficient and eco-friendly approach to cultivating crops in a controlled environment. So, this groundbreaking technology not only empowers individuals and communities but also promotes a more environmentally conscious and locally sourced approach to food consumption.

MyGrow Clothing

Remember, we’re not just about hydroponics; we’re also all about sustainability and embracing the space farmer spirit. Our sustainable gear allows you to proudly display your passion for innovative gardening while reducing your environmental footprint. Plus, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond just clothing – most of our items are made with eco-friendly materials, and to minimize waste, everything is made to order and shipped directly to you. Join us in promoting sustainable practices and expressing your love for hydroponics and space farming!

Grow Microgreens

Grow Microgreens
Microgreen Kit
Tray and Growing medium
3 Types of seeds
Water Bottle
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Microgreen Growing Kit

Get ready to add a burst of nutrients to your diet with our Microgreen Kit and subscription! With our all-in-one kit, you can start growing delicious and nutritious microgreens in the comfort of your own home. Plus, with our subscription service, you’ll receive everything you need to keep growing on a weekly or monthly basis.

Hence, No need to worry about running out of supplies or not having the right equipment. We’ve got you covered with our expertly crafted kit that includes everything you need to get started. And if you ever run into any issues, we’re here to help! We offer expert advice and even a 30-minute video call to guide you through the growing process.

Say goodbye to bland salads and hello to a rainbow of flavors and nutrients. Start growing with us today and enjoy the benefits of fresh microgreens all year round!

Grow Vertically

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Hydroponic Vertical Tower

 Looking to take your gardening skills to the next level? Look no further than our Hydroponic Vertical Tower! With 45 planters available to grow a variety of vegetables and herbs, you’ll have an abundance of fresh produce right at your fingertips. Our tower can be used both indoors and outdoors, so you can have a thriving garden no matter where you live.

When you purchase our Hydroponic Tower, you’ll receive everything you need to get started, including a water pump, water gauge, growing medium, and timer. All you’ll need to do is purchase NPK, epsom salt, and cal-mag to ensure optimal growth for your plants.


Not only will you be able to enjoy fresh, homegrown produce, but you’ll also be contributing to a more sustainable future by reducing your carbon footprint. So why wait? Invest in our Hydroponic Tower today and start enjoying the many benefits of growing your own garde

Why Should You Grow?

Improve your Mental Health

Improve your Mental Health

It has been discovered that individuals who immerse themselves in greenery and various forms of natural aesthetics, both indoors and outdoors, enjoy a myriad of emotional and mental health advantages that contribute positively to their overall well-being across social, psychological, physical, cognitive, environmental, and spiritual dimensions. These advantages encompass:

  • Stress Alleviation
  • Mitigation of Depressive Symptoms
  • Enhanced Memory Function
  • Reduced Post-Traumatic Stress Indicators
  • Mitigated Dementia Symptoms
  • Improved Self-esteem
Improve you Health

Improve your Physical Health

When you cultivate your own food, you can enjoy a more varied and nutritious diet enriched with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Consuming food in its freshest, unprocessed state not only enhances its flavor but also maximizes its nutritional content. Most products available in commercial grocery outlets undergo an extensive cycle of harvesting, transportation, and distribution. As a result, many items spend prolonged periods in storage or on the store shelves before finding a buyer, leading to a decline in their nutritional value over time.

Improve you word

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Cultivating your own food empowers you to reduce your dependence on conventional grocery store purchases. When you acquire produce from these retail outlets, it’s important to acknowledge the unfortunate reality that such foods often traverse over 1,500 miles before reaching your plate. This not only affects the freshness and taste of the produce but also contributes significantly to the release of harmful carbon emissions and waste linked to air freight and various transportation modes, which have adverse effects on the environment.

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