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Discover The Indoor Outdoor Hydroponic Garden Tower

 The all-in-one indoor outdoor hydroponic garden tower system simplifies the process, offering user-friendly, eco-conscious technology that yields your own veggies in less than 2 months. Additionally, benefit from round-the-clock support to address your hydroponic growing queries whenever they arise. An ingenious solution for cultivating fresh vegetables sustainably at home. Elevate your urban farming experience by growing vertically within your own space, thereby contributing to a brighter, more eco-conscious tomorrow. Enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting your mental and physical well-being with MyGrow’s indoor outdoor hydroponic garden tower. Embark on your urban farming journey today!

Transform your gardening aspirations into reality. Cultivate anything you desire, from crisp carrots to vibrant sunflowers, fostering a bountiful harvest (bearing in mind legal regulations, especially for certain produce). Get ready to impress friends and neighbors with your flourishing garden—and perhaps some special yields too (wink, wink)

Gravity fed indoor outdoor hydroponic garden

Our offered indoor outdoor hydroponic garden tower boasts a cutting-edge gravity-fed system designed to optimize plant growth and vitality. Its efficient circular motion propels water from the bottom to the top of the tower, cascading down through each level, delivering vital nutrients and hydration to your plants. This design ensures the ideal water and nutrient balance, fostering robust growth and ensuring a plentiful harvest.

At MyGrow, we’re committed to providing top-tier customer support and guidance throughout your growing journey. We understand that starting a new hobby can sometimes be daunting; thus, our team remains available year-round to offer assistance and advice. Whether it’s setting up your indoor outdoor hydroponic garden tower or troubleshooting any issues, rest assured, we’re just a call or email away.

Investing in a indoor outdoor hydroponic garden tower from MyGrow means investing in a dependable and efficient growing system, ensuring a consistent supply of fresh, healthy, organic produce year-round. With our unwavering support and guidance, you’ll swiftly master the art of urban farming. 

Once your order is placed, please allow approximately 7 business days for us to meticulously prepare and ship your tower. This process guarantees your tower arrives at your doorstep in pristine condition.


  • Indoor/ Outdoor Use
  • Ascetically Pleasing Internal Pump
  • Stackable up to 48 planters
  • No Soil Required 


The Indoor Outdoor Kit Includes

Set-Up Instructions

Tower Garden

Base for 5 Gallons

Water PumpLevel Indicator

Foam Growing Medium


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